About Us

We are  Tazeen - تزين
Our aim- to bring Joy, happiness & positivity to our Customers and their world, with our Products. We want to be part of your Story and Discovery ♡
Discovery of self, happy moments & sad moments which could form straight away, further down the line or be from the past and to accept those moments. Our lives are filled in unlimited blessings, and through them we are who we are today. 
Our Moto - "Our Names are who we are. Each person has their own uniqueness linked to their name and our names bring forth our character." - Tazeen - تزين

Let us bring Joy into your life with our gorgeous designs that are guaranteed to make you smile ♡^_^♡
Praising Allah and being grateful for the blessings we have and continue to receive is a fundamental part of Islam. Let us all say:
Alhamdulillah for everything ♡