Jewellery & Care


At Tazeen - تزين - To Adorn, we only use the highest quality, enduring materials, from our base metals to our chains. They are all double-plated in the finest of 14K - 18K gold, rose gold or silver.
We work with premium stainless steel as the base metal for the majority of our products. Stainless steel is highly valued for its quality and longevity. On top of that it is double plated in either 14K-18K real Gold, Rose Gold or Silver.
We also work with Sterling Silver and Copper 🖤


Our pieces are made for everyday wear. To last you eternally. But for our products to last you a lifetime, we do need your helping hands.

We need you to care for your jewellery and please avoid coming into contact with water (unless stated otherwise), perfume, lotions, hairsprays and detergents as this may cause your jewellery to tarnish. To keep your jewellery looking its best, polish using a soft cloth to gently buff.

Over the course of time, discolouration may occur with any jewellery. This is due to general wear and tear and the acidity of your skin. It can also be because of oxygen in the air. This is not related, in any way, to the quality of our products. And can easily be polished away and buffed.

Make sure to take off the jewellery before exercising, showering (unless stated otherwise and in that case make sure to dry the jewellery properly when coming out the shower), around hot temperature and being in water for long periods of time like swimming pools.  

When you are not wearing your jewellery, please store it in a box, pouch or wrapped in tissue paper to maintain its shiny look and to avoid tarnishing.